NOOK DHC Energizing shampoo 500 ml. Mod hårtab.

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Energizing Shampoo: Speciel shampoo til porøst, livløst og fældende hår. Genopretter vitaliteten, volumen og glans. Påføres vådt hår, og masseres ind i nogle minutter for at hjælpe mikro-cirkulationen på vej. 

Specific shampoo for fragile, lifeless hair with hair loss. The synergy of the precious active principles acts on the entire hair structure to strengthen and inhibit the production of sebum. Restores vitality, volume and brilliance. Use: apply to wet hair, gently massage the scalp for a few minutes to aid capillary micro-circulation, then rinse off well. Repeat if necessary.

ENERGIZING AND VITALIZING TREATMENT: use at every shampoo and together with the most suitable ENERGIZING treatment.