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HYGENESIS Hand Sanitizing gel REFILL 1000 ml.

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HYGENESIS Hand Sanitizing gel REFILL 1000 ml.

Til Hygenesis Nook Automat hånd gel maskine.Ready-to-use sanitizing gel based on 70% alcohol and vegetable glycerine, for cleansing hands and skin. Indicated in any situation where an immediate, waterless effective sanitizing action is required
Active Ingredients: 70% Alcohol + Vegetable Glycerin
Alcohol: has an instant astringent, sanitizing and purifying action
Vegetable Glycerin: emollient and moisturizing, leaves hands smooth, dry and soft
Key Features:

• Immediate sanitizing action without water and without rinsing
• Emollient and moisturizing

• Without silicones, dyes, paraffins, sulphates, sles
• Pleasantly fragrant
• Eliminates odors and doesn’t dry the skin
• Cleanses and purifies in seconds
• Vegan training - free of animal ingredients and derivatives
Size: 1000 ml
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