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Nook "The Service Color" Lysning Blue 4 x 500 gram ØKO pakke

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Nook "The Service Color" Lysning Blue 4 x 500 gram ØKO pakke

Blue Bleaching Powder with Goji Oil and Aloe Vera

The special non-volatile composition, with a pleasant Rose fragrance and a low ammonia content, guarantees a progressive, delicate lightening action of up to 7 tones, ideal for any modern lightening technique. Special blue micro- pigments help neutralize undesired yellow-orange tones, guaranteeing intense, bright blonde shades. Formulated with Goji Oil and Aloe Vera, prized active principles with restorative, antioxidant, soothing properties that help protect and nourish the hair during the oxidizing process, respecting the structure of the hair.

Use: In a non-metallic bowl, pour the required amount of powder together with The Service Color Activator. Apply with a brush to dry hair and leave on until the desired level of lightening has been obtained. Maximum recommended leave-on time: 35 minutes. Can be used with 10 vol. (3%), 20 vol. (6%), 30 vol. (9%), 40 vol. (12%) hydrogen peroxide. Mix: Depending on the bleaching technique: 1:1,5 or 1:2 or 1:3

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