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Magic Argan TANNING SPRAY 125 ml.

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Vil du have en dejlig gylden tan, uden behov for at tage en tur til troperne?

Magic Arganoil Spray giver en øjeblikkelig flot farve. Sprayen indeholde Aloe vera.
En værdifuld formel, beriget af Rafano ekstrakt og Argan olie.

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GB SUN MAKE-UP INSTANT TANNING SPRAY. Innovative tanning spray gives instant color with no UV light exposure, indispensableforarisk-freesun-tan. Won'tblockporesandleavesskinfreetobreathe.Itsspecialcosmeticformulacontainsa base of DHA (extract of sugar beet), enriched with Argan Oil, Moringa Extract and Aloe Vera Juice, leaving skin silky soft and incredibly hydrated. Ideal for both the face and body. The tanning spray is especially suitable for delicate complexions, for skins that fear ageing and skins with fragile capillaries. Directions: spray over clean skin at a distance of approx. 20 cm from the area to be treated. The tan takes 3-4 hours to develop and intensify, until then avoid contact with water. In case of excessive application during spraying gently blot the skin. Excessive/heavy sweating could result in uneven tanning results, therefore, avoid sport activitiesaftertheapplication. Itisnormaltolosecolorwhenshoweringaftertheapplication,thedurationofthetanwillnot depend on this.

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